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The RESIFLEX® SK expansion joint sealing tape –
self-adhesive and bitumen compatible

RESIFLEX® SK is a self-adhesive, bitumen-compatible expansion joint sealing tape with a synthetic rubber (EPDM) base and has a reinforced glass fabric liner in the outer edge areas. RESIFLEX® SK is not reinforced within the expansion zone. The underside has a self-adhesive, polymer-modified layer of bitumen that is protected by a detachable release film.
We have managed to create a unique product further development for the special challenges encountered within cross joints and T-joints: the reinforcement-free RESIFLEX® 3D moulded part.

Possible joint movements

  • Perpendicular to the waterproofing level (shearing)
  • In the waterproofing level (expansion or compression)
  • In the waterproofing level (distortion)

Formation of an expansion joint within a single-layer, thermally insulated roof structure; arrangement of RESIFLEX SK in the waterproofing and vapour barrier level

RESIFLEX® SK’s areas of application

  • RESIFLEX® SK can be installed for the formation of expansion joints that are not exposed to pressurised water within the following waterproofing solutions:
    • Waterproofing of roofs and of balconies, walkways and arcades according to DIN 18531
    • Waterproofing of concrete areas trafficable by vehicles according to DIN 18532 (except for waterproofing of bridges)
    • Waterproofing components in contact with the ground according to DIN 18533
  • RESIFLEX® SK can be used for joint types I and II.
  • RESIFLEX® SK can be used for all deformation classes (VC 1 to VC 5).
  • RESIFLEX® SK can be combined with surface waterproofing of all RESITRIX® types and with the RESIFLEX® 3D supplementary moulded part.
  • RESIFLEX® SK can also be used in transition areas from horizontal to vertical joints and arranged within groove areas. Within cross joints and T-joints, laying takes place in combination with the reinforcement-free RESIFLEX® 3D moulded part.
  • RESIFLEX® SK can also be connected to bituminous vapour barrier membranes and to the ALUTRIX® 600 / ALUTRIX® FR self-adhesive aluminium vapour barrier membranes within thermally insulated layer structures.
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Information for forming cross joints and T-joints

Formation takes place by additionally arranging the reinforcement-free RESIFLEX® 3D moulded part. The moulded part is fixed in a centred position first of all using a cross joint or a T-joint. The RESIFLEX® SK joint sealing tape is then connected to RESIFLEX® 3D in such a way that it becomes water-tight using the hot-air welding process.



Self-adhesive, bitumen-compatible joint sealing tape

  • Overall thickness: 2,5 mm ± 10%
  • Total width: 500 mm ± 0,8%
  • Width of non-reinforced expansion: 500 mm ± 10%
  • Total mass: approx. 2,75 kg/m2
  • Roll length: 10 m


Reinforcement-free EPDM moulded part for professional cross joint and T-joint waterproofing

  • Nominal thickness: 1,4 mm ± 10%
  • Total width: 330 mm± 0,8%
  • Roll length: 5 m
  • Material reinforcement: none


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