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BLIFIX® – the RESITRIX® lightning-conductor system

BLIFIX® is a bracket system for guiding and fixing lightning arrester conductors with a maximum diameter of 10 mm on flat roof structures without ballasting. The BLIFIX® bracket system is made up of a round plastic base plate measuring 11 cm in diameter and featuring a plug-in guide for lightning arrester conductors which can be aligned horizontally. BLIFIX® is fixed on the roof side with a slip-over and weldable moulded part made from the RESITRIX® MB EPDM membrane.

RESITRIX® BLIFIX® lightning conductor system

BLIFIX®’s areas of application

The lightning arrester bracket system can be connected to provide wind suction protection on:

  • All RESITRIX® waterproofing membranes
  • Bitumen waterproofing solutions (remove rough chip surfacing beforehand)
  • Liquid plastic waterproofing solutions that are free from plasticisers
  • Plastic membranes that are free from plasticisers
Please consult our Technical Department for any applications that are not mentioned.
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Benefits of BLIFIX®:

  • Fast and safe installation without any need for naked flames
  • Secure against wind suction
  • Bitumen-resistant

More information in our product datasheet.

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