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RESITRIX® Waterproofing Accessories and Applications for EPDM Waterproofing Solutions

Apply waterproofing accessories quickly and safely without any need for naked flames

Every flat roof is different; it has its own corners, edges and breakthroughs, so naturally it’s going to need it’s own waterproofing accessories.

That’s exactly why our comprehensive range of accessories and components are perfectly coordinated to work together.

From Vapour Barrier Membranes, to Surface Primers, the RESITRIX® waterproofing accessories range is where you will find everything you need. The extensive range offers fast and permanent safe laying alongside our EPDM roofing products without any risk of fire due to welding with hot air.

Have a look at our waterproofing accessories range below for permanent waterproofing of new and old roofs, façades and areas in contact with the ground.

ALUTRIX® vapour barrier membranes FG 35 surface primer RESITRIX® Dewatering elements RESITRIX® EPDM moulded parts for detailed designs

ALUTRIX® Vapour Barrier Membranes

FG 35 Surface Primer

RESITRIX® Dewatering Elements

RESITRIX® EPDM Moulded Parts for Detailed Designs