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RESITRIX® accessories and applications for EPDM waterproofing solutions

Lay waterproofing solutions quickly and safely without any need for naked flames

Every flat roof is different; it has its own corners, edges and breakthroughs, and even its own special laying requirements or visual design requirements, and much more besides. And that’s exactly what our comprehensive accessories, where all the components are perfectly coordinated with one another, are for.

From the ALUTRIX® vapour barrier membrane that can be walked on, the FG 35 / FG 40 surface primers and PU adhesive, over moulded parts for forming corners and pull-over sleeves, to the formation of expansion joints and stainless steel drainage elements – this is where you will find everything for fast and permanently safe laying of our RESITRIX® EPDM roofing and waterproofing membranes without any risk of fire due to welding with hot air.

Have a look at our RESITRIX® system solution for permanent waterproofing of roofs, façades and areas in contact with the ground for both old and new builds.

ALUTRIX® vapour barrier membranes FG 35 surface primer RESITRIX® Dewatering elements RESITRIX® EPDM moulded parts for detailed designs