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Mechanical fixation

The solution is secured in place by means of mechanically fixing the layer package in the supporting shell using screws and fastening plates. There are different systems for this purpose: The required fixing elements for flat roofs are calculated according to DIN EN 1991-1-4.

While mechanical fixation of the roof waterproofing solution, including all the individual layers, is the predominant laying type for lightweight steel roofs in this regard, it can basically be applied to all common base layers. The roof waterproofing solution is separated from the surface of the layers below, so their movements only exert negligible strain on the waterproofing. The RESITRIX® MB or RESITRIX® CL waterproofing membranes are used in this situation.

Please contact our Technical Department for specific laying details and individual on-site requirements.

They are exclusively fixed in a linear fashion with individual fasteners. They are arranged inside the membrane covering. If necessary, they can also be positioned above the waterproofing solution and welded using separate strips. Unlike other plastic or elastomer membranes, the welding width for this solution is 8 cm, and the fastening plates are welded with the polymer bitumen layer on the underside of the RESITRIX® waterproofing membranes at the seam joint.

This produces increased wind suction measurements. Use of the fastening plates means that fewer fasteners are needed. You will find the specific substrate conditions and layer combinations in the RESITRIX® planning guidelines. Our Service team will provide wind suction calculations to determine the number and arrangement of the individual fasteners once you have provided all the necessary parameters. To do this, simply use our position stability calculation data collection form.

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