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Loose laying with ballasting

The loose-laying layers are secured in place by means of an appropriate ballasting solution, such as gravel with a grain size of 16 / 32. Ballasting for flat roofs is determined according to DIN EN 1991-1-4. The roof structure’s load-bearing capacity must naturally be taken into consideration according to the loads to be transferred.

Ballasting is only suitable for roofs with a slope of up to 3° to prevent it from slipping. Another prerequisite is sufficient static load reserve, which is why this type of installation is almost exclusively used on solid base layers. Gravel covers (at least 5 cm thick), paving (at least 4 cm thick) or green areas on roofs arranged on suitable protective layers are appropriate ways of protecting against lifting wind forces. Roof areas that can be walked on always have a wearing layer of ballasting. The ballasting’s exact dimensions are based on the prevailing wind suction conditions.

Please contact our Technical Department for specific laying details and individual on-site requirements.

The drying weight of green areas used as ballasting should be used as a reference to calculate their correct dimensions. If the green areas’ surface weight is insufficient, the layer structure underneath must be bonded or mechanically fixed.
The RESITRIX® MB or RESITRIX® CL waterproofing membranes are used as waterproofing solutions. The root-resistant RESITRIX® SK W Full Bond waterproofing membrane, certified according to FLL standards, must be laid under green areas on roofs. Please refer to the RESITRIX® planning guidelines for further installation conditions in this regard.

To request a wind suction calculation from our Service team, simply use our position stability calculation data collection form.

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