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The solution is secured in place by means of bonding all the layers to one another and to the supporting shell using suitable adhesives. The substrate must be sufficiently solid and load-bearing, and it must be possible to bond the layers to one another. The required amounts of adhesive and distribution of the same are calculated according to DIN EN 1991-1-4.

Verkleefd daksysteem

The bonded variant is mainly used on concrete substrates or, in the case of direct laying, on wood or wood material substrates. The self-adhesive waterproofing membranes RESITRIX® SK W Full Bond, RESITRIX® SR and RESITRIX® SK Partial Bond in particular have proven their worth for such applications outstandingly well. When used in conjunction with a primer, they can be arranged on all conventional building substrates, with a few exceptions. Particularly in refurbishment situations, these waterproofing membranes can be laid on old waterproofing products made from bituminous materials, on plastic or elastomer membranes that are free from PVC-P, and on liquid plastics as part of a self-adhesive solution. A non-slip connection is thus created on stable substrates. Waterproofing solutions made from RESITRIX® SK W Full Bond are also root resistant according to FLL standards or DIN EN 13948.

Please contact our Technical Department for specific laying details and individual on-site requirements.

In the case of direct bonding on prepared reinforced concrete, the substrate bonding is infiltration-proof after being primed beforehand with FG 35 according to the present test report issued by the Leipzig Institute for Materials Research and Testing. In individual cases, this special feature can be specified by the designers with regard to waterproofing drivable reinforced concrete surfaces. We also recommend using full-surface, infiltration-proof self-adhesion for inverted roofs and for waterproofing components in contact with the ground and exposed to pressurised water. Under certain installation conditions, it may also be sensible to use the RESITRIX® CL waterproofing membrane. It can either be bonded in strips with the PU-LMF-02 polyurethane adhesive, or fully bonded with bitumen compound. Please refer to the RESITRIX® planning guidelines for detailed installation conditions.

To request a wind suction calculation from our Service team, simply use our position stability calculation data collection form.

Laying of the self-adhesive RESITRIX® SK W Full Bond waterproofing membrane on a substrate primed with FG 35 beforehand; once the membrane has been laid and aligned, the release film on the underside is detached at the side and the membrane is finally pressed on. Application of the PU-LMF-02 polyurethane adhesive in strips on EPS thermal insulation; the RESITRIX® CL waterproofing membranes folded up at the side are then folded back again.

Downloads for the area of application:

RESITRIX® Installation Instructions

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