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Detailed designs for flat roof waterproofing with RESITRIX®

EPDM waterproofing membranes for surface covering and details

In the context of flat roof waterproofing, detailed designs in particular play a key role alongside surface covering. It is not uncommon for subsequent damages within the overall waterproofing solution to be caused by caused by poorly designed details. But it is in precisely these critical areas that RESITRIX® can cut a convincing figure like no other product. A clearly visible welding bead, which is produced while the membranes are being welded with hot air, guarantees that the membranes are completely leak-tight. There is no need for any additional testing equipment in this regard. The entire underside of the membrane can be welded too, so you can select the width of joint and junction strips freely and thereby reduce material losses. RESITRIX® therefore guarantees simply straightforward, as well as quick and leak-tight, implementation of detailed designs.

The versatile roll for every possible application – from surface covering to use on moulded parts.


Sample applications

Joints and junctions are mainly designed to be self-adhesive, with separate strips made from RESITRIX® SK W Full Bond or the grey variant RESITRIX® SR. As long as the base is a stable substrate, a non-slip connection will be created. According to the general technical regulations, the products may also be loose laid in conjunction with mechanical fixation. Composite sheets are not required at any point. Joints to components with an irregular cross-section, such as T-beams, can be waterproofed with liquid-applied waterproofing systems if necessary.

Corners are formed with separate, weldable moulded parts.

Weldable pull-over sleeves are available for sealing round installation parts.

The RESIFLEX® SK expansion joint sealing tape can be used to waterproof type I and type II joints and for all deformation classes where there is no exposure to pressurised water. The products’ strip-shaped design even enables alignment within grooves or vertical joints. The RESIFLEX® 3D system supplement guarantees the formation of critical cross joints and T-joints. Since the flat joint tape is not lifted out of the waterproofing level, there is no need to split the overall surface into separate areas to be drained individually.

Structures with loose and fixed flanges are generally suitable for interior drainage solutions. System-compatible stainless steel roof drains with RESITRIX® connecting sleeves integrated in the factory can also be used for drainage purposes. This product range contains components for main and emergency drainage.

Finishing roof edges in the attic area, including corner formation with RESITRIX® SK W Full Bond, fully self-adhesive. Sealing a wooden column with RESITRIX® SK W Full Bond, fully self-adhesive; corner formation with separate moulded parts, welded.

Downloads for the area of application:

RESITRIX® Detailing Components Datasheet

RESITRIX® Installation Instructions