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Installation Instructions

Installation variants with RESITRIX®

The waterproofing solution and the associated layers can be laid so that they are secure against wind suction by means of bonding, mechanical fixation or loose laying with ballasting.

These laying variants can also be combined – for example, if the required ballasting cannot be applied within corner areas or areas at the edge of the roof for structural reasons, and only bonding or mechanical fixation can provide the necessary wind suction protection in these sub-areas. It is not, however, possible to add several fixation systems within one area of the roof.

The type of base layer, the building height and the degree of utilisation are also key criteria when choosing the ideal laying variant.
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Areas of application with RESITRIX®

RESITRIX® can be used in any climate zone for all applications, areas of use and individual requirements on roof structures, whether on new builds or in refurbishment projects. Enjoy all the benefits that RESITRIX® has to offer for a permanently dry, perfectly waterproofed roof and for building waterproofing that suits all kinds of requirements.

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