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resitrix-logo-The unique EPDM waterproofing membrane for any application on the flat roof.

To provide waterproof solutions, you need the right products. We have this with our RESITRIX® waterproofing membranes. RESITRIX® offers the right solution for all requirements and stress criteria for flat roofs as well as for building waterproofing, ensuring the long-term reliability and economic viability of your projects.
RESITRIX® combines in a unique material combination the excellent material advantages of the synthetic rubber EPDM and high-quality, polymer-modified bitumen in a highly flexible, single-ply sealing membrane.

The advantages of RESITRIX® at a glance

  • Certified service life of more than 50 years, even for seam joints (SKZ-study)
  • No additional surface protection; resistant to ozone, UV and infrared radiation
  • Flexible at low temperatures of down to -40 °C
  • Permanently elastic without plasticisers
    • Practically free from shrinkage throughout its entire service life
    • Simple and safe installation without any naked flames
    • root-resistant to FLL and therefore suitable for all green roofs
    • sustainable (EPD certified and DGNB compliant)

The RESITRIX® product range at a glance

Whether self-adhesive, root-resistant or for mechanical fixing – the RESITRIX® product range offers sealing versatility for every challenge


The classical sealing membrane for substrate bonding with PU adhesive.

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The EPDM sealing membrane designed especially for mechanical fixing.

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The full-surface, self-adhesive, root-resistant sealing membrane.

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The partially self-adhesive EPDM waterproofing membrane.

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Therefore sealed with RESITRIX®

The all-rounder for every roof

Where other manufacturers offer up to 40 product specifications, RESITRIX® gives you five and every scenario is sealed.

Rapid Installation

Thanks to the polymer bitumen layer underneath RESITRIX®, the material can be installed on virtually any substrate and welded easily, quickly and safely.

Easy to install without naked flames

RESITRIX® roof waterproofing membranes can be welded together easily and safely with a hot-air gun, with no need for naked flames, which rules out the risk of roof fires (Hot air weldable down to -10 °C).

Permanently high-securtiy laps

When the welding bead can be seen, the seam is 100% watertight - the two sheets are unquestionably, completely watertight and permanently joined together.


RESITRIX® is completly unaffected by UV, weathering, atmospheric influences, highly resistant to ageing and maintains its outstanding properties throughout its entire service life.

Extremely durable

Over 50 years certified life-expectancy by the SKZ institute in Germany, as only product including the seams.

Developed for extremes

Withstands stretching of over 500% and then returns to its original position. Flexible in cold weather down to -40 °C.

(EPD-certified, DGNB-compliant)

Dauerelastisches Verhalten in einem Temperaturbereich von -40 bis +120 °C sowie eine sehr gute Alterungs- bzw. Witterungsbeständigkeit

RESITRIX® training

Experience the proven advantages of EPDM waterproofing solutions relating to roofs, façades and buildings in an up-close and hands-on manner. Discover our training programs for roofers, architects and distributors.

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Video: Tips and tricks for roofers

How do I make the details of inner and outer corners with RESITRIX®? You can now get hands-on tips not only within our CARLISLE® ACADEMY or while studying our installation instructions, but also on YouTube. So be sure to subscribe to our channel to stay up-to-date.

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